25 February 2011

Books I Read

In my absence from this blog, I have been brainstorming different features to keep me posting with some sort of thematic regularity. I love to read, though I do tend to have trouble finishing books from time-to-time. One of my major 2011 goals was to read a book a month, which so far, I have been doing pretty well at. I'd like to keep a record of what I'm reading, how I feel/felt about it, and maybe this can be a forum for discussion on literature as a whole.

Additionally, if you have any recommendations, EMAIL ME/COMMENT. I have a wonderful library card as well as some wonderful used book stores in the Chicagoland area that I love to support and I am totally open to suggestions.



  1. i really like your header, its making me HUNGRY.

    im currently reading water for elephants, and i am flying through it. its so captivating, last friday as i read while waiting for the train...i got on the wrong train going in the wrong direction, and didnt realize for a good 15 minutes. found myself halfway to forest park!

  2. the new header makes me drool, it is AWESOME!

    I am looking forward to this new feature. I'm always one for more books.


    Everything Matters by Ron Currie Jr.-Easily one of my favorites of last year, it is an over the top meta/apocalyptic/Vonnegut-esque novel about a guy who knows from the day he's born that the world will end when he's 36. It has a sort of choose your own adventure vibe to it and some really intriguing narration devices. It was also just enthralling, I stayed up way past bed time to finish it.

  3. Love it and look forward to reading your thoughts on whatever it is you're reading.

    Have you read Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs?
    It was referred to me... the author and book sounds intriguing.

  4. Oh so you have had a new layout ha, should have read further!
    I shall have a think of some novels for you, what genre in particular do you enjoy? X

  5. Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned - Wells Tower

    by far the best new fiction I've read in a while.