01 February 2011

Chicago Foodie Adventure Part III: Carnicerias Guanajuato

As our day-long food extravaganza continued, we made a trip to Carnicerias Guanajuato, a Mexican mercato in Wicker Park to pick up some ingredients to put together a large batch of tamales upon returning home. My mother is half Mexican, and spent a portion of her life living in Southern California where she learned amazing traditional and regional Mexican recipes from her mom. Naturally, tamales are one of my mom's family's specialties - and we occasionally organize large tamale parties in which we gather a group of friends, make a giant pot of beans and carnitas (or any other yummy filling), and run a small-scale factory out of our kitchen to produce a couple hundred homemade tamales.

1436 North Ashland
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Though this was my first visit to this store, I felt immediately comfortable wandering through the narrow aisles dropping some of my favorites into the cart. We loaded up on Mexican prayer candles, a whole bunch of chiclets gum, refills of canella and Abuelita hot chocolate, and some of the goods for making tamales including masa and corn husks, as well as much needed limons/limon squeezers for Grandpa's margaritas. I love the clutter and color of the products in the store - and the way the scents all mingle and mix together, like fried pork and a faint smell of coconut. And while I didn't lend a helping hand in making the tamales this time, I have been enjoying the fruits of the intensive labor. Bean and cheese tamales, carnitas tamales, and a sweet dessert tamale with cinnamon, raisins, and almonds.  


  1. oo I love Mexican food shops, there's surprisingly one in Edinburgh but I'm so clueless as to what to do with most Mexican food I star in awe. They also sell Reeses hehe

    Can you maybe post some of your favorite/college cookable Mexican recipes?

  2. bean and cheese tamales! sounds so yummy!!! ive seen that store 1,000 times and never been in!