02 February 2011

Chicago Foodie Adventure Part IV: Richwell Market

The final destination on our whirlwind tour-de-Chicago took us south to the edge of Pilsen and Chinatown not far from our house in the South Loop. After having a delicious lunch at Urban Belly, our palettes were finely attuned to the Asian flavors and finds awaiting us at Richwell Market. And just in time for the Chinese New Year!

1835 South Canal Street
Chicago,  Illinois 60616

In case you  didn't know, I love Asian food and Asian inspired dishes. I love the complex flavors, broths and doughs, the steam in the kitchen, and the unexpected ingredients. I'm also a huge fan of candies, snacks, and other yummy delights - and I will always try something new. What's so wonderful about Richwell Market is that it is a fully stocked grocery store that has a little bit of everything needed to prepare a full-on Asian inspired meal, but it's also a great place to load up on Pocky and Hi-Chew. While I spend a majority of my time in the candy/snacky aisle, I do like to wander over to the fish section to check out some of the stock, including live lobsters and turtles. While the fishy smell might be a little off-putting to some, this store has real character, making it a difficult place to leave empty handed.


  1. I am planning a similar extravanganza tomorrow day time to celebrate Chinese New Year and fill my belly with chinese snacks. Cannot wait. X

  2. sandy! how are you doing those vertical collages? they look so neat.

  3. I've been using photoshop/or some variation of it to rotate my photos and make diptychs. I have been digging the way they look!!

  4. Great pictures!!

  5. i am drooling! so many delicious things.