09 February 2011

My Personal Snow Day

Currently Listening To: The Greatest Hits by Buddy Holly

Well, I'm sure by now that the blogosphere is completely over reading about the giant Chicago blizzard, so I won't bore you with too many details about my "snowpocalypse" experience. I will say that the museum was kind enough to let us leave work early last Tuesday, and gave us two days of paid time off. I'd like to think I spent that time wisely, mainly cooking, lounging, and watching the storm from the inside of my house. I made four loaves of bread, and a gorgeous brunch which included french toast made on my challah, with a compote of mixed berries & peaches with agave nectar, and I even managed to whip up some of Julia Childs' custardy and fluffy scrambled eggs (seen below).

Valentines were made, some of which will hopefully be in the mail shortly. I've also been making/sampling some recipes from different food blogs including chocolate dipped macaroons from Sprouted Kitchen and white velvet soup from Green Kitchen Stories (both blogs with gorgeous photographs and yummy somewhat healthy recipes)! 

It's funny, I didn't anticipate this blog going in the direction of food and recipes - but lately all I can think/talk/write about is food. I live in a wonderful city with amazing restaurants - and with a mom who fed and taught me well. Are you as readers liking the direction of my blog? Would you like to see more recipe and restaurant reviews, as well as continued market and food photos? Or am I just making you hungry?


  1. I definitely wouldnt mind if you wrote more about food and recipes. I just wish you were back at knox to cook for me. :)

  2. I for one am totally pro-food. Go forth and eat!

  3. yay for food posts! they can be the best kind!

  4. travel in whatever direction moves you :) I'm sure we'll still all be here! xo