25 February 2011

Top 6 Picks: January (VERY BELATED SRY!)

1) Stabilo Pens: I bought my first set of these pens in Florence from a little stationary store - and I swear by them. They come in the most wonderful colors, write beautifully, and are often packaged in really fantastic carrying cases. Love what you write because of how you are writing it. The sleek cool color design of these pens adds a total pop and inspiration to whatever it is that you are jotting down.

2) Slingshot Planner: I bought my first Slingshot planner from Myopic books in 2009, and again - I swear by this product. Designed and executed by artists from all over, this calendar takes your focus off of the mundane schedule, off of being on a day-to-day plan. It stresses that each and every day is DIFFERENT and should be embraced as different. Don't get caught up in time, and your schedule, and being tied to a calendar. Everyday is thus hand drawn to look different, with tons of world holidays, and factoids about this day in history. Random recipes, how-tos, a menstruation calendar, Critical Mass schedules, and instructions on making zines, THIS PLANNER HAS IT ALL. Seriously, I love my Slingshot.

3) Hunter Boots and Sockies: I have been wearing Uggs for years, and I loved my Uggs to death (even though they are fairly ugly), they are freaking warm and soft BUT THEY ARE NOT WATERPROOF. I repeat, they are NOT waterproof. I went out in search for a great pair of boots that would keep me warm but also keep me dry. I liked the timeless, effortless, classic look of these boots, and the weird insert sockies. I bought mid-calf boots because I have little legs, and I honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase. Not to mention, I can wear these in the rain come spring (so soon!).

4) Neutrogena Hand Cream: It's winter, it's cold. This stuff rubs on thick, is super creamy, and keeps my hands feeling soft and ready to take on my daily office tasks. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

5) The Gage for Cocktails and Curry Mussels: I started going to The Gage this summer since it's across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago. They have fantastic cocktails, seasonal and year round, and some of the best appetizers to nosh on that I have had in the city. I highly recommend the curry mussels (and order extra toast!) as well as the poutine. The bar has a really great vibe, full of workin' people looking to grab a post-work drink. In fact, when they announced that we could go home early because of the blizzard, I went right to The Gage with Ben and Mari. Sweet decision.

6) The Velvet Underground, Loaded: I've made a new friend who sort of reintroduced me to The Velvet Underground - and it's seriously a mystery to me as to why I wasn't into them years ago. They rock, and they were a direct product of the Warhol/Factory regime. This album is super fantastic, a total sing-along, rock-out and make-bread-to jam that I have been blasting for the last two months. Seriously. Oh and I need to make a confession, I just started listening to the Rolling Stones.

So there are my very late Top Six Picks of January. If you want to recommend music, restaurants, art, something, anything, seriously I am all ears (or eyes I guess on here).


  1. a knox cutie has the shorter hunter boots and i have been contemplating investing in a pair! they look easier to clomp around in than the full boot pair!

    also that hand cream is the BEST.

  2. STABILO PENS STABILO PENS STABILO PENS. I thought I was the only one who loved them. I used a purple one fall term senior year, then a green one spring term, and that maroon one this fall. It just died, and I have been meaning to get out to Dick Blick to buy another one. I think best with those pens and a notebook like this: http://www.eco-artware.com/catalog/JD5-album-notebook.php. They sold 'em at the Yale Bookstore and I bought one while I was out there-- it lasted me all year (mine was a country or bluegrass album: there were banjos and mullets on the cover).

  3. I am LOVING your buys and have you done something to your blog layout? Really like it. Definitely looking into buying a slingshot - they sound fab. Need something to put daily smiles on my face at the moment, this might do the trick! X