30 March 2011

Big Star Taco

I finally jumped on the Big Star bandwagon this summer. Whether it's grabbing a late night taco over cool margaritas on their porch seating before hitting Rainbo Club, or lounging over a leisurely brunch of tacos and guacamole before heading to Buffalo Exchange, I am always up for a taco and a marg here. It's got such a great vibe, a really solid, simple, and reasonably priced menu, and some of the most no-nonsense margaritas I have ever had. If you haven't been here and happen to be in Chicago, try the pork shoulder taco! And the fish taco! And their take on a hot dog. Shoot, just try it all! It's all good!


  1. pork belly. and what if I like a little nonsense in my margarita? -Anthony

  2. I really want a margarita after seeing this post, and its only 9.50 in the morning. Wish I was on holiday! Roll on summer...

  3. pork shoulder taco!? yum. drooling over here ;)