15 March 2011

A Casual Afternoon with Coach

Sweater: Boutique in Florence; Dress; American Apparel; Leggings: Target; Mary Janes: Chinatown; Earrings: India; Tiffany Bracelet: Bat Mitzvah gift; Scarab Ring: H&M; Shades: Claire's; Vintage Coach Purse: My mom's; Scarf: Found on ground in Whole Foods Parking Lot
Shortly after I snapped photos of my last outfit, a friend sporadically enticed me with a trip to Chinatown. A fan of strange cheap things, bizarre candies, and lo mein, I naturally responded with a yes! But what to wear for a casual afternoon wandering around Chicago's quaint Chinatown? Though spring is just around the corner, I'm not quite ready to give up my blacks and browns (thanks Leandra!!), but by throwing in a pop of color, this look really warms up. I'm really feeling pink these days, and taking inspiration from All This Happiness, I found that a nice magenta lip stain can totally amplify an outfit, taking it from comfy to chic, because let's face it, I'm just wearing leggings and a little cotton dress.

In the area of all things pink, I painted my nails two shades of it (pale and magenta). I whipped out my tattered pink canvas Mary Janes, and threw on my gigantic conversation-piece scarab ring. And to add one more touch of class, my mom's old Coach bag and my Tiffany bracelet make this look feel complete. Now the major obstacle - not getting lipstick on my face and teeth! Any tips for keeping your outfits classy and chic?


  1. i found a vintage coach bag when k and i visited kansas and i carried it for four months straight. obsessed.

    also, your lipstick looks great. i too am forever on a quest to

    a) wear lipstick confidently
    b) keep it on my face and not anything/one ;) else.

  2. The pink shoes are the PERFECT addition to this outfit.