28 March 2011

Casual Saturday Afternoon

So after my morning jaunt at the Farnsworth House, I threw together this outfit for a nice evening in the city with my dad. We popped by the Gruen Galleries to see some art, and so he could introduce me to different people that he worked with to install new work in his apartment. They saw a few of my paintings hanging in his place, and were really eager to talk with me about my work - which was really strange and exciting. I had a really nice conversation with one of the men that worked at the gallery, about different painters working in London in the 60's, and how my simplicity and focus on line, shape, and color really resembles a group of artists in the Chelsea School. He even let me borrow a William Scott book full of colorful plates of still-life paintings! I'm really hoping to get back in to painting, sketching, watercoloring, photographing - I just need to get into the habit. And this positive reinforcement might be just the kind of push I need.

Five Pears, William Scott, 1976, oil on canvas
Bowl, Eggs, and Lemons, William Scott, 1950, oil on canvas
After the gallery visit, we stopped by my dad's place to see the art he'd had installed - and it was pretty surreal to see my work next to my cousin's, next to really great photography by Herb Nolan, and the sculptural paintings by Mike Elsass. After, we talked art, architecture, and jazz over drinks and dinner at the bar at La Sardine. It couldn't have been a better night.

Pants: Levi's; Tee: Loehmann's; Button-Up: Zara; Shoes: Opening Ceremony for Barney's; Bucket Bag: Vintage Heaven; Earrings: Gift from India; Necklace: Need Supply Co.


  1. I love you, in part, for tucking in your tee just a little. Especially with the flannel over it.

  2. your hair is looking soooooooo cute! i love it. and these still lifes are so nice.

  3. wow you come from such a talented family

    I want one of those still lifes in my future kitchen!