13 March 2011

"It doesn't matter what you look like! I mean if you have a hunchback, just throw a little glitter on it, honey, and go dancing." - James St. James

Friday, on my way to the Paul Baribeau show, I excitedly left work, heard what sounded like a car crash, turned to look, then fell flat on my face - on a crowded downtown block in the middle of rush hour. It was pretty embarrassing, but determined to see Paul, I went home, iced my face, took an aleve, and then bought some beers at the bar beneath the show to ice my face with as well as to numb the pain. I loved his set, I made some new friends, and I got this shiner to prove it.

I'd also like to take this time to showcase my Opening Ceremony for Barney's boots that I bought at the Barney's Warehouse Sale in NYC last month. They cost a chunk of my paycheck, but I found them in that chaos, and am going to cherish them everyday. SERIOUSLY, DO YOU LOVE THEM??

Cardigan & Skirt: American Apparel; Blouse: J.Crew; Socks: Target;
Boots: Opening Ceremony for Barney's; "let's make out" Necklace: Need Supply Co.


  1. i love these pictures! your hair! your shiner! you are awesome.

  2. Oh no! Shiner! You look so perfectly badass.