31 March 2011

my blood bleeds purple and gold

Okay, so it's not exactly spring weather yet, but really I'm not complaining because spring is definitely happening in my closet. My room is a total mess from throwing this outfit together - but who cares, because I LOVE this look. And might I add that palette-wise it's reminiscent of several looks over at Carolyn's blog, one of my fellow Knox alums! In case you didn't know, Knox College's colors are purple and gold - which I find to be completely regal and totally compatible on most people! These colors work in all seasons, and have so many rich hues, it's hard not to fall in love with all things purple and gold.

Anyways, I snagged this snazzy coat from Nordstrom Rack, and might I say - I am offcially in love with shopping the sale rack at the end of every season. This coat is so soft, so warm, and so chic - I just wish I could wear it indoors!And did I mention that I bought it for a fraction of the initial $300 price tag?

Additionally, I am so into this manicure, it's not even funny. I have a such a great collection of polishes by OPI and Essie, that it's hard to just pick one color for my bi-weekly self-pampering manicure. Then I thought, why pick one color when I could go nuts and do many colors?! I'm really pleased with this manicure, and I'm super into the great color combos and patterns floating around the fashion blogosphere, for rils. What colors are you rockin' on your nailz??

PS Would it be a worthy cause to reactivate Ashley and I's old nail blog?

Coat: Free People from Nordstrom Rack; Shirt: Romeo and Juliet from Loehmann's; Skirt: Thrifted; Sweater: Target; Tights: Claire's; Shoes: Tom's; Ring: Vintage Heaven; Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.; Let's Make Out necklace: Need Supply Co.; Tote: The Gap


  1. yes nail blog yes

  2. reactivated the nail blog, leandra. feel free to submit pix.

  3. Love the purple & gold! Also, I'm super into the color 'Pamplona Purple' by OPI right now. I've got it on my toes since I don't think my boss would really like for it to make an appearance on my hands, but I'm totally going to rock it as a manicure when I go to Florida next month!

  4. that coat! i love it! and i love purple and gold!