17 March 2011

Plaid for All Seasons

So I know a post on my strange trip to Milwaukee is in order, but I thought I'd share with you one of the best thrift store finds I have lucked out on in a while. In Milwaukee my cousin and I had a very simple agenda: take pictures of cool things, and go to a thrift store. I saw that there was a giant Value Village right outside of downtown, and having heard so many amazing things about this chain of thrift stores, I thought I'd have no problem finding some goods.

Boy was I WRONG. The place was totally over-picked, there was almost nothing of value in the store, which was ironic given the name, no? I scoured the coats, and found a pretty sweet rain slicker with plaid flannel lining, I stumbled upon some weird mugs, and snagged a cheesy leopard print skirt (I'm CLASSY). And then I found this amazing skirt. A gorgeous vintage rainbow plaid wool, handmade, and from what I'm assuming is Hong Kong based on the Chinese lettering on the inside of the skirt. I normally get turned off by dresses and skirts that are longer given my small stature, but seeing Clare from Between Laundry Days really work the maxi dress and the long skirt, I thought, what the hell? Why no try this look out?

And I couldn't be happier with the way this look came together. Sticking with black kept the outfit in check, while the funny barrette and weird Chinese slip-ons kept it whimsical, and very "me". Not to mention if you get close enough to read my heart charm, it says "let's make out", which is very me as well.

I felt chic and fabulous in this outfit. I suggest taking fashion risks more regularly, because when it works, it really works, and it feels like a million bucks.

Skirt: Thrifted; Shirt: Petite Bandeau; Leggings and Belt: UO; let's make out Necklace: Need Supply Co; Shoes: Chinatown
So today is Saint Patrick's Day! What are you wearing? And do you have any big plans? I'm going to a bar in Pilsen to do karaoke and drink green beer. A fun way to kill time as I anxiously await the arrival of Lexie and Kathryn tomorrow for a fun fashion, art, and food-filled girls weekend in the city!!


  1. fun times!! i like the outfit, me no likey toms shoes though. it reminds me too much of tom from myspace

  2. ADOLFO,

    These are NOT Tom's! They're $6 shoes from Chinatown. No child in a developing country benefited from my purchasing of these shoes. I promise.


  3. Love your posts darlin'! You totally rock this outfit :)

  4. Sandy. Bwaahaahaha. Guess what? I TOTALLY saw you on the day you wore this outfit. I was on the bus downtown, and you must have been leaving the Art Institute, 'cause I spotted a stylish little lady crossing Balbo, and thought that it looked a lot like you. But then I thought it would be creepy to say something to you until I knew whether you had actually worn that rad plaid skirt. So then I hoped that you would blog about that skirt, so I'd know it was you and could say hi without seeming like a mega-stalker.

    In sum, thanks for the shout-out, that skirt is super effing rad, and I'm not a stalker. That is all.

  5. stop.it. that skirt is ahhhmazing. anything plaid makes my heart go pitter-patter! also, make out necklace? rad. very rad.

  6. Wow, I would also run away from long skirts due to my towering 5'2" stature but you really rock the look. The colors are bold, which makes sure you don't drown out in this skirt.

    Have fun with Lexie & Kathryn, I'm jealous!

  7. You look amazing :) this skirt was made for you! x