18 March 2011

Saint Patrick's Day (and how I have too much holiday spirit)

Having brought in a pie for Pi Day on Monday (3.14) which we tried to eat at 1:59 (3.14159), and being the only one in my office wearing green yesterday, it became apparent that I am the most festive lady, willing to celebrate any holiday at any cost. Last week I forced myself to eat two slices of King Cake on Mardi Gras just so I could have a chance at finding the baby in my slice(s). And on Halloween, I was the only one who tried to incorporate a costume into their business casual look.

In that vain, I thought I'd briefly share my 2011 Saint Patrick's Day look with you all. I debated between wearing a lovely green tank with some slacks or a skirt, but then opted for this wonderful dress which spends far too much time in my closet. To keep it festive, as well as work appropriate, I styled the dress with a cream blouse, and for a final touch of Irish spirit accessorized with these orange dangling earrings. I also decided to pump up my look with a splash of green eyeshadow from Urban Decay - because let's face it, on St. Patrick's Day, it's go green or go home.

The weather on St. Paddy's Day in Chicago was absolutely gorgeous, with highs near 70! I barely needed this jacket, AND I was able to eat outside for the first time this year. Eating a yummy packed lunch facing the Crown Fountain and Michigan Avenue was the perfect way to spend my lunch break. And after work, I went home to clean my room, and prepare for Lexie and Kathryn's arrival. Opting to stay in and watch John and Mary, rather than drinking green beer and doing karaoke was probably the best decision I've made in a long while!

How did you spend your Paddy's Day? And what did you wear?
Jacket: Target Blouse: H&M; Dress: Top Shop; Leggings: UO; Shoes: Chinatown; Earrings: Gift from sister; Eye Shadow: Urban Decay

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  1. I'm such a disappointment, I wore red! And I even went to a St. Patrick's Happy Hour that I knew about dayyyyssssss in advance!