04 March 2011

Venn Diagram

I made a friend at work who always seems to know a million and one good things going on in the city. I didn't know that he looked at me with similar all-knowing/ all-going eyes for sweet activities stirring every night here in Chicago, so we decided to join forces and make a weekly Venn-diagram to narrow down some cool things to do, and see if there is any overlap. If you want any more information on these events or want to suggest something from the Chicagoland area, send me an email or comment!

This is a fun weird little project/post that I plan on keeping up!!

Venn-diagram 3/3 - 3/9 2011


  1. Woo Hoo! So much cool stuff. So little time!
    Sara Daleiden is actually on the 24th of March.

  2. thanks for the update anthony.

    also, cate @ gene siskel was off the chain last night. we got to skype with the curator of last night's film series in beirut! it was 2 am there and he was super nice!

  3. sandy that would be amazing ! i just started spring break so i'll actually have the time to try my hand at cooking. & i eat anything. =)

    o chicago looks like a fun city to visit !