10 April 2011

Birthday Weekend and Getting Things Done

It's my birthday weekend, well sort of. My birthday is on Monday. But either way, I decided as a little birthday present to me that it would be in good time to finally finish paining my room - a project I began back in November. So yesterday I had my bed moved forward, cranked up the tunes, and painted my heart out. It looks so good!! Once I've finished hanging art and tidying up, I will take pictures!

After a day of house-things, I went out with some wonderful Knox ladies for sushi and thai, and a few drinks at the Blueline. I threw this look together, wanting to showcase the vintage mustard corduroy shirt I just picked up from Darling Vintage. There is something about the color mustard that just gets me. And doesn't this outfit feel like the cousin to this one from last fall?

After work on Friday, I swung by the Mag Mile to pick up some goods for my upcoming trip to Cuba. These shorts were marked down from $50 to $8. I'm not kidding. Bought them in two colors - way too good to pass up. I also grabbed a couple of gorgeous silk blouses from  J.Crew. Now all I need is a good swim suit, a pair of nice leather sandals, and a simple cotton dress. Any suggestions??

Time to go clean up the front yard with my dad, buy watercolors, bake some things, and swap clothes. HAPPY WEEKEND!

Button Up: Darling Vintage
Striped Top: Anthropologie
Shorts: Gap
Tights: Target
Shoes: Keds


  1. Yay for birthday weekends! And yay for this fabulous outfit! Have a glorious warm-weather Sunday!

  2. i am coming to chicago just to get my haircut from your stylist. you look gorgeous! also YAYAYAYAYA SANDY's BDAY!

  3. woah...hello, sultry eyes!!! your room looks awesome!!!

    when/why are you going to cuba????

  4. it looks good! I have a very similar colour in my room. ENjoy your birthday :)

  5. love your nails!
    *high five*
    april babes are the bestest!

  6. Your duvet is the cutest!

  7. happy birthday! sounds like a good night, yum thai food.

    I love your coat, as expected. Mustard is my thing. The sneakers really make the outfit old school cool.

    You're going to CUBA!? Exciting. My friend Dave lived there when he was young and still raves about it. You'll love it.

    And I really want to head to Cuba before Castro dies - note down all the cheap places!