04 April 2011

To Smile or Not To Smile

Several people in the last week have brought up my complete lack of smiling in my fash-blog photos. My main response is something like "But it's just me and my tripod on my parent's deck, why would I smile?". I feel like the debate over smiling is something that bloggers consider when snapping their photos, but really it isn't a huge factor in how the picture turns out. I tagged on a few "smile" photos, let me know your thoughts! Anyone else have an opinion on "the smile"?

This weekend has been really busy and intense with family back in town for a surprise birthday party in honor of my grandfather's 95th! I've basically spent a majority of my time overeating and lounging around at my aunt's place. Is it crazy that I'm really looking forward to my weekly routine after several weeks of out-of-town guests visiting??

It rained last night, after hitting a high of 78! I slept with my window open, and awoke to the sound of thunder and the sprinkle of rain on my face. What a great way to start the week! Happy Monday!

Top and Shoes: Buffalo Exchange; Short: F21; Cardigan: J.Crew; Tights: Hue; Bucket Bag: Vintage Heaven


  1. Wait, your photos are all selfies? Woah. I never would have guessed (especially your close-ups!). Consider this my official request for you to talk about your equipment.

    I think I look awkward if I'm not at least bemused, so I smile a bunch. If I'm not in the mood to smile, I just don't-- or I don't take photos. But I usually end up taking about half serious/half smiling, and I pretty much always end up using the smiling shots. But you look good doing everything, so... lucky.

  2. you have a beautiful smile, glad to see it

  3. You are such a cutie! :p
    Really beautiful photographs , Can't believe you took them with a tripod! xx

  4. i look sooo weird not smiling -- so i always smile in mine! AND i never use a tripod, so usually the other person makes me smile. i like you either way sandy.