08 April 2011

"You all in?"


Yesterday was the White Sox home opener where I christened the baseball season with a hotdog covered in grilled onions, nachos, and beer. The weather report predicted upper-fifties, but a thick fog rolled in overnight cooling the entire city down to a chilly wet low-fourties. I felt more like I was in San Francisco watching a Giants game than I was in Chicago!! It was pretty frosty in the upper deck, but the Sox played well, the crowd was fantastic, and the hotdog went down like an old friend. Here's to a great season and the beginning of summer for rilz.

Our section's cheerleader waving his free "All in." flag.
He really embraced the new ALL IN campaign. Way to go super fan!!
This is the first time I have worn a coat to a baseball game, I'm super happy I looked so stylish in my Free People plaid jacket. I assure you I was the only one at the game rocking this number. And my one-of-a-kind Icelandic wool sweater underneath.


  1. Are you fashion blogging? Are you fashion blogging? ARE YOU FASHION BLOGGING? There's no fashion blogging! THERE'S NO FASHION BLOGGING IN BASEBALL!
    -Tom Hanks, A League of their Own (I think)

  2. omg anthony's comment just made me laugh SO hard.