23 May 2011

Cuba: The Cars

One of the main things people told me to do while in Cuba was to photograph the cars. As soon as we walked into the parking lot of the airport, everyone in my group immediately began to photograph the 50's American automobiles - some beat up, some in really great condition. But as the days went by, we grew used to seeing these ancient things driving around, like dinosaurs roaming the city streets. It's pretty amazing to think that these things are still running, but you have to take into consideration that they don't really have a choice other than to keep them running. Plus the mild weather does wonders to keep a car in good condition. There are some newer cars - Russian cars came in after Cuba closed up in the late 50's, and now cars and buses from China are a part of the traffic scene. Though it's dangerous that there aren't airbags in these things, I happily went with the time-warp every time one of these cars drove by!



  1. I REALLY WANT TO GO TO CUBA! It's a wish upon a star dream of mine - I want to drive around in one of these with a mojito and a cigar at 10am in the morning.
    Loving all your posts on the place!

  2. The colors of the cars are amazing, but thank you for pointing out the socioeconomic issues behind the "charming" vintage cars.