13 June 2011

Art in Cuba

I know I've been back from Cuba for a month, but there are a few things I have yet to share with you. In addition to visiting the Hemingway Estate my favorite part of my visit was visiting Casa de Fuster and a private art gallery on one of our last days there.

Jose Rodriguez Fuster is a living artist with a fully functional live-in studio. He makes large scale sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and water colors - and you can tour his home, galleries, and studio spaces. The neighborhood where Fuster lives and works is full of color and glitz. 17 years ago, he took the initiative to create a community through engagement with art and architecture. His style is reminiscent of Nikki de Saint Phalle, an artist known for her whimsical, colorful, "Seussian" installations inspired by Guadi, Dali, Picasso, and Klee. Basically, upon stepping off of our bus, whether you liked art or not - every single person in the group had a smile on their face. There's something really magical about this place, and I'm really lucky I was able to visit.


After visiting Fuster's we made a trip to a small privately owned apartment gallery in Havana. We toured the space, and were shown various finished products from artists living and working in Cuba and Panama. The prices were unbelievably reasonable given the scale, quality, and talent of these artists - some of the works were just too hard to pass up, my mom can vouch for that.

These large scale sculptural installations were first drafted by hand, and then reworked as paintings and drawings - each version of these designs stands alone as a work of art. These Swiss Army Knives are just the final product of a long line of drafting, drawing, painting, thinking, and collaboration (by hand, not computer!).
My mom purchased the gray painting on the right.
Mom, shopping around.

Mom also purchased this beauty. It is hanging above the loveseat in our living room.
The painting of the world pool table is one of a series of studies done before the actual pool table was constructed.

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  1. art always inspires me and reminds that I am still an artist.