16 June 2011

Galesburg or Bust

I went to Galesburg for Lexie's graduation from Knox College, and had one of the best weekends I have had ALL YEAR. It's so strange to be a visitor in a place that I once called home, but comforting to know that, though some things have changed, most of the good things I love about this place have remained the same. Q's Cafe still serves the best sandwiches in town, Duffy's still has the most incredible jukebox, and Knox College is still as magical as it was the day I left it.

Congratulations to Lexie and all of Knox students who were graduated from that fine institution! I am unbelievably proud of you.

And to quote one of the greats, "When someone asks you where you went to school, are you going to look at your shoes and say 'Oh, a little school, you've never heard of it?', NO, you're going to say KNOX COLLEGE!"

 - Roger Taylor, class of 1963


1) Senior Night/$1.50 margaritas at Buffalo Wild Wings 2) Duffy's, $3 pitchers of Old Style 3) The final fridge from the Maytag factory 4) The Galesburg Antique Mall 5) Lily and some amps 6) Old Main and the South Lawn for Commencement 7) Galesburg (GBB) Amtrak Station

Thank you Kelly and Lexie for being wonderful friends and amazing hostesses!

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