02 June 2011

gone fishing pt. ii

i will be off visiting my alma mater and seeing dear lexie graduate from knox college! have a happy weekend all! YAY LEXIE!



  1. congrats Lexie! Have fun this weekend you two!

  2. I am so sad I cannot be there, so, Sandy, I'm expecting you to take lots of pictures. Have fun & a pitcher at Duffy's for me-- I'll see you both at homecoming!

  3. hey! because blogger is lame, and i couldn't reply to your comment via email, i'll do it here! it actually wasn't hard to find used kork ease. i just searched on ebay and was able to find a pair really easy. i would definitely splurge for a real pair. i don't like heels at all but i can wear these sandals all day long and they don't hurt at all! i found a knock off pair in a dark brown and tried them on and they were horrible! couldn't believe the difference in quality. kork ease are amazing :)