16 June 2011

summer uniform

I'm posting my first outfit post in a really long time - I think I was just getting over reverse culture shock from my visit to Cuba and posting pictures of my clothes had lost it's sweetness. But then I realized I like documenting what I'm wearing, and I like seeing what other stylish folks are wearing as well. Plus this entire outfit was remixed from some favorites in my closet that I've never even considered of pairing together - can you blame me for loving this look?? It's comfy, casual, slightly dressy, and totally weather appropriate (is it spring/summer/or fall Chicago?). I've been wearing a lot of this yellow and blue combo lately, today marked the second time that someone at work told me I was wearing Michigan colors!! Needless to say, I love this dress and I'm so happy I own it in two colors. And these pants are funny because I own them in three styles. Sometimes we just have these staples in our wardrobe...


Dress: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand
Pants: Tripp NYC
Belt: UO
Sandals: J.Crew
Necklace: Hawaii


  1. hrmmm. so, im totally happy/sad this gorgeous dress is from Thailand. i was seriously about to go hunt it down online somewhere. this mustardy yellow and light blue is basically perfect.

  2. I always approve of this color combo. You look smashing in yellow! Sometimes I miss doing outfit posts. Well not the tripod setup and fake smile, but documenting just how amazing what I'm wearing is haha. I shall live vicariously through your posts. You're stylish enough for the both of us.

  3. Yes! This is the perfect Chicago outfit. Fabulously seasonally ambiguous. :)

  4. Did you lighten your hair? I like it. If you didn't, sorry. I have this problem-- you can ask Carly-- where I always think women dyed their hair when they didn't.

  5. i really like that necklace! the color is just so pretty! and i, like tess, love you in yellow!