19 June 2011

Thai Wraps with Fried Tofu

I had the house to myself this weekend and one of the major perks is that I have the kitchen all to myself. I planned a menu earlier this week, did the grocery shopping, and made something a little different each day. I had creamy tomato gazpacho, summer corn chowder, cheddar and chive corn muffins, and tonight I made Thai wraps filled with veggies and tofu fried in a sweet soy sauce. Everything I ate was so completely delicious, and I have an abundance of leftovers. Next time, I'm inviting friends over to eat these goodies with me!!

I found these recipes from different blogs. The soy fried tofu comes from Bap Story, the cooking blog/side project to Jeana Sohn of Closet Visit. If you are interested in cooking Asian and Korean food, check out this delicious and gorgeously photographed food blog.

The wrap recipe and the peanut sauce to accompany it both came from One Perfect Bite. You can put whatever you want in the wraps - the recipe suggests chicken. But I've made the fried tofu before and loved it so much that I figured it would be a nice substitute for the chicken in this wrap. I loved the combination of flavors in this, and besides chopping up the veggies, there isn't really all that much prep involved in making these amazing and I'm guessing healthy wraps!!

clockwise from left to right: noodle wrap paper, soy seasoned tofu, vermicelli noodles, parsley/mint/cilantro, peanut sauce, lettuce/cucumber/carrot slices. YUM!

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  1. Drooling over here. I'm in need of some new lunch options so these looks right up my alley.