23 June 2011

This Weekend: Randolph Street Market

Sifting through the neverending list of amazing stuff happening this weekend, I wanted to highlight a few can't miss events! The Randolph Street Market will be happening on Saturday June 25 (10 AM - 5 PM) and Sunday June 26 (10 AM - 4 PM) at 1340 W. Washington. I attended the Modern Vintage Chicago event back in April, which was held inside of the Plumber's Hall - let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! And though the May event was a bit rainy and dreary, it got rave reviews from Tieka, Veronika, and Andrea. I was super bummed to miss the blogger meetup last month, but this upcoming weekend boasts great weather on Saturday - and fingers crossed on Sunday as well! If you have a chance, come stop by to peruse the goods for sale ranging in price and style from fab fashion finds to one-of-a-kind knick knacks and housewares.

For more information please check out the event website or download the event flier!!

FYI, a lot of the stalls are cash only, so come prepared and ready to spend... the thought of all that bakelite is making me drool.

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  1. this place looks like my dream come true. It's getting me pumped up for the flea market I'm going to today!