23 June 2011

Three Aces

Tuesday night Adam and I got together and had a quick brainstorm session over what to do with ourselves. Said list included: 1) See Super 8 2) See Le Quattro Volte 3) Drink beers outside somewhere 4) Eat food. We settled on options 3 and 4, and after brainstorming for all of 30 seconds, I suggested we head to Three Aces a newish bar with an extensive patio on the edge of Little Italy.


Three Aces has a rock and roll vibe with tattooed and pierced servers, some head bangin' tunes, and killer burgers. My dad took me to Three Aces last week, and though I loved the cocktails and the popcorn appetizer, I had a pretty disappointing experience with my entree. Not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to order the Duck Egg, but being served a slimy goopy gigantic egg with not enough toast and a side of greasy prosciutto doesn't exactly entice the senses, particularly taste, sight, and smell.

Either way, I was so impressed with the abundance of seating and the drinklist that I opted to give it  a second chance. Adam and I took the bus over and sauntered onto the patio area where we sat for about 5 minutes wondering what to do with ourselves. A waitress came over and realizing that we hadn't been given menus or waters, apologized profusely and quickly blurted out "SO YOU GUYS WANT SOME SHOTS?" to which I confusedly said "YES!"

Our apology shots arrived, and we threw down our deliciously free whiskey instantly feeling totally groovy. We ordered the popcorn and each got a burger which was delicious. They make their own aioli, ketchup, and pickles in house which goes a long way for people who LOVE their condiments (see: Adam and I). I also happened to run into Amalie, a writer for Chicago Magazine who was working on an article on new bar patios that opened this season in Chicago. We quickly caught up on our likes and dislikes of the restaurant, at which point I proclaimed my love of not having to offer up my first born child for a table, unlike at Big Star. She quoted me in her article, which can be found here.

All in all, I'd say giving this place a second chance and NOT ordering the duck egg was a great decision. I couldn't believe how apologetic the waitress and manager were for their "poor service" - if I wanted to go to a burger joint full of inked up grade-a assholes, I'd hop over to Kuma's Corner.

Unlike Kuma's Corner, it looks as though Three Aces is going to be my summer hang out. And how could I forget to mention that Mario's Italian Ice is two blocks away!? Best Italian ice in the city. I'm a fan of their cantelope flavor as well as making the combo of chocolate banana.


  1. i want to go to three aces with you! (ha i feel like my comments are always the same. i hope you understand the sentiment is that i want to be WITH YOU!). there is a place in nashville called burger up we should go to WHEN you visit! :)

  2. Not sure if I like this..........I've had the duck egg many times and enjoyed it every time. 'Slimy egg?' 'Greasy prosciutto'? Couldn't disagree more.