21 July 2011

The Girl(s) Next Door

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending a mini-mid-week-blogger-meetup where I was finally able to catch up with Lisa and where I met Andrea and Anna. I have been following Lisa and Andrea for the last year, and I recently discovered Anna's blog, so you can only imagine how excited I was for this - despite the inappropriately sweaty weather.

We met up in Lincoln park, where we found a decent alley for snapping some quick and sweaty outfit shots - Andrea was a complete rockstar behind the camera. She clicked so quickly, gave incredible positive reinforcement, and managed to do it all in a short skirt and platforms. New hero: Andrea. Here are some photographs of her doing her thing!


In addition to photographing the gals being photographed, I was able to step on the other side of the camera with an actual photographer as opposed to my tripod. You'd think after the years I put in watching America's Next Top Model that I would know exactly what to do, but dang, getting your picture taken can be a challenge! I just told myself in Tyra's voice "smile with your eyes".

The following photographs were all taken by Andrea, the resident champion fashion photographer.

dress and boots: thrifted
bangles and earrings: gift from my sister
tee: target
lipstain: revlon, passion, from ulta

After the smoldering photoshoot, we popped by Lori's Shoes where I eyed some gorgeous Frye boots in my size. Then we stopped by a new boutique on Armitage called Comfort Me where we met with the new owners and pawed through some gorgeous pieces. There is a shower curtain I NEED as soon as I move out, and a few hand-dyed garments that caught my eye. If you're in the neighborhood, please check out this new space. It is perfect.

Yesterday evening was such an absolute treat and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the gals again soon. Which reminds me - there is a Chicago blogger meetup happening August 20th, and LISA IS ORGANIZING IT.



  1. YAY! I it was so much fun FINALLY seeing you in a non-work setting!!! Can't wait to do it again soooooon!

  2. Oooo! Sandy, these pictures of you are SO beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like ladies had fun despite the heat!

  4. Sandy, these photos are great. And shut the front door-- you THRIFTED those boots? Unbelievably jealous.