14 July 2011

La Famille Croque

One of my few goals of this trip was to eat some German food. I made hamburgers my second night here, because one must eat a hamburger in Hamburg. I had one of the best slices of cake ever. I drank German beer (Jever and Beck's)... but then there are German sandwiches - the croque.

Adolfo and his friend took me to La Famille for the best croque in Hamburg. A croque is a gigantic sandwich, filled with delicious things of your choosing, and framed by slices of crispy toasted bread. I ordered the Mykonos croque - and it was honestly one of the best sandwiches EVER. This specific sammich had a slice of spiced turkey sausage, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, mysterious spices, and a yogurt sauce. It was big, crispy, and messy enough that it had to be eaten with a fork and knife! I know, eating a sandwich with a fork and knife! What is this, Chicago style pizza??

We ate our croques in the garden patio behind the restaurant and I almost wished I had ordered a full size rather than the mini because it was so darn delicious. If you are ever in the neighborhood, EAT A CROQUE HERE.

IMG_1609 copy

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