12 July 2011


Anthony just sent me this link chronicling the painstakingly clever work that went into the mother of all theme parties: an eccentric Peggy Guggenheim party based around the artists that she knew, loved and supported.

People dressed for the occasion in eccentric, classy, and cool outfits - but it wasn't just the look that made this party a success. The food matched the theme!!! They served up dishes inspired by both Peggy and the art she collected.

I'm including some of my favorites, obviously the Titanic reference in the oysters is one of them.

"Cape and New Brunswick Oysters with Champagne Mignonette
The first bite from the last night on the Titanic, when her father died."
Photo by the Billy Farrell Agency.
"Our favorite: a Calder Meat Mobile
Everyone was invited to take a bite."
Photos by the Billy Farrell Agency.
"Italian Breasts in the Sunshine
Based on a classic Futurist recipe, Almond cakes with raspberry nipples
A Piece of A Pollock
Pelka presented Ms. Blume with an edible version of Jackson Pollock's dripped paintings: dark chocolate brownies with dripped white chocolate and salted caramel. Guests were invited to hack off their own piece and chow down."

In short, I just want to say that I love theme parties, I love art, and I love Peggy Guggenheim. Anthony, we have to find a way to throw a party of this sort in Chicago. I'm a master of the salted caramel brownie, we both know a lot about art and food - LET'S DO THIS.

photos via source


  1. Love it! Send us photos if you have an 1940's art party, we'd love to see them!


  2. This looks truly fabulous! The meat mobile is wonderfully disgusting and hilarious at the same time.

    I wish I lived in Chicago so I could attend your future theme party, it would be just as crazy awesome as you are. Since I won't be able to attend you might as well send over some caramel brownies STAT.haha