29 July 2011

Take me out to the ball game

I know I almost never write about it on here, but my family is very serious about baseball, and not just baseball, but the Chicago White Sox in particular.  I'd say this is a product of my parents growing up in Hyde Park, and also because it's nice to like a team that won the World Series in our lifetime (sorry Cubs fans).

Back in June my mom and brother attended a philanthropic event hosted by Gordon Beckham and Paul Konerko to raise money for the Children's Home and Aid Society. My mother entered their silent auction, and wound up making a generous donation worthy of an on-the-field opportunity for members of my family. Oh AND I was able to meet my favorite player, Gordon Beckham. Basically, this was one of those overwhelming, surreal, out of body experiences.

Oh you know, just hanging out with the 2005 World Series Cup.
on the field

This is how to dress like a fan without throwing a jersey on. Simply put: I am not a jersey wearing girl. My ways of showing support include wearing the team colors, rooting for the right team, and not missing the seventh inning stretch.
Dress: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand / Leggings: F21 / Belt: UO / Shoes: J.Crew / Earrings: Cost Plus / Bucket Bag: Vintage Heaven

The package that my mom wound up winning in the silent auction also included tickets to box seating. Let's just say all you can eat buffet, drinks included, and a dessert tray after the third inning. It was quick a strange and fun experience, but I wouldn't trade it in for sitting in the crowd and yelling for the margarita man any day, hands down.

I had gazpacho and roasted vegetables with my hot dog. There is just something so silly about that, don't you think?

For more specifics on the game and the experience, visit my little brother's blog. He's got all the details!

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  1. SANDY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW JEALOUS I AM? I just added "baseball game" to our to-do list if you can make it out here before the season ends (no post-season for my boys).