06 July 2011


I have been so busy running around and trying new things that I seem to have fallen behind on my Top Six Picks! Some of the things in this list are, the Dodos album in particular, have been in my life for longer than the month of June but are still exceptionally important to me. Let me know what you think!

1) Other People We Married by Emma Straub: As part of my book-of-the-month challenge, I read Emma Straub as my June book. I head about her initially through one of Flavorpill's many top-ten lists, this one being Creative Book Tours by Adventurous Authors. I'm not sure if it was her charming portrait, or the fact that each story in her collection of short stories takes place in a completely different American city - of which she is visiting and doing a reading from, meta right? But reading the book review and visiting her darling website made me buy the book immediately. I loved the book cover-to-cover. Her short stories are very simple yet cut right to the core of human experience giving the reader a realistic and poignant view into the lives of each of her characters, who by virtue of their environment (ie city/location/town), find themselves in very specific situations completely informed by the spaces in which they occupy. I finished this book way too quickly and I am eagerly awaiting for her to come do a reading in the Midwest! 

2) No Color by Dodos: According to my lastfm, I have listened to this album close to 200 times, and certain songs from it around 350 times. This is basically the only music I have had in rotation since March, and I'm not tired of it. I love how in this recording they still sound loud and rocky, but it's a more polished and high quality recording. Lot's of the pops and echoes from their earlier albums are completely missing, leaving you with lyrics of heartbreak, loss, and breakup - with beautiful guitar work, unexpected shifts in songs, and accompaniment by the amazing voice of Neko Case. I'm pretty sure this is my cd of 2011 thus far. Companions is my favorite track, check out the weird video here! I also had the chance to see them earlier this month at The Metro, and it was such a fantastic show. Lots of jumping around, screaming lyrics, and dancing like an idiot with my friends.

3) O.N.E. Coconut Water: If you don't follow my twitter, you probably should. Because you would already know that I have a serious addiction to coconut water. It's a weird food fad right now, but for me I don't think it's going anywhere. Coconut water is completely refreshing, tastes good, and is good for you. I've also been doing some cooking with coconut oil, and it's got a really nice flavor and is loading with good natural fats. It's funny - I don't drink soda, and I only go out for drinks a night or two a week (if that), so I like to think of coconut water as my major daily indulgence. I think being "bad" never tasted this good. I've tried Vita Coco and Naked Coconut Water, but O.N.E. is my favorite.

4) The Burger at Three Aces, Chicago: I've been to Three Aces twice in the last month, mainly for the patio and cocktails - but since trying this to-die-for burger, I have seriously been having mouth watering cravings for it. It's weird knowing that I am traveling in Hamburg, the namesake city of Hamburgers, and all I can think of is how badly I want a burger from Three Aces. I think it's a combination of the amazing juicy patty, the homemade sliced pickle, and the bacon-y jam that is spread on the bun - not to mention the crunchy hand cut potato fries that make me dream about this bad boy. If you're in the city, a carnivore, and ready to chow down, I highly recommend this with one of their many beers. PS for more on Three Aces, read my review of the restaurant.

5) My Turquoise Beaded Necklace: I picked this necklace up on a family trip to Hawaii my senior year of high school, and have worn it almost every day of the last month. Never before has this necklace featured so heavily into my wardrobe rotation, but for whatever reason it has become a complete staple in every look that I've put together. Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you suddenly see differently and it happens to work with everything you wear?

6) French Affair by Essie: If you haven't already visited my nail blog, you should!! I've been keeping an eye on the fun trends in manicures and pedicures, as well as colors growing in popularity. I love how sweet and soft this color is, and how with any color combination it completely girls up my look. I'm also a fan of Clambake from the 2011 summer collection.



  1. You need to follow Emma Straub's twitter, she's a really charming social networker. http://twitter.com/#!/emmastraub And she also has a fun tumblr http://emmainpictures.tumblr.com/

  2. Tess,

    I FOLLOW AND LOVE BOTH!!! What was the name of the other female author you recommended that worked with her??