15 July 2011


For those of you that are invested in the German staples I have implemented into my vacation diet, then wonder no more, I did indeed eat wiener schnitzel. And I loved it. We went to this restaurant off the beaten path of the Saint George neighborhood, and after quickly skimming the translated menu I knew my decision was easy. Wiener schnitzel it is. As we anxiously awaited the arrival of our food, which took a long long long time (things move slowly here), we discussed all of the things we were going to eat upon Adolfo's return to Chicago, making ourselves even hungrier. FYI, I love hot wings and need to go to Buffalo Joe's immediately.

The schnitzel arrived and was hot, crispy, salty, juicy, and gigantic! The breaded cutlet was placed upon a bed of pan fried potatoes, and came with a delicious salad in a mustard vinaigrette dressing. We squeezed out lemon slices onto our meat, and dug in.


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