23 August 2011

Girl at the Rock Show

Blink-182 went on an indefinite hiatus in 2003/2004 which was a huge blow for me. They genuinely are one of my favorite bands, and have been since I was in the fifth grade. Following their break-up Mark, Tom, and Travis went on to get married and become dads, exploring television, reality TV, film making, and musical side projects such as Box Car Racer, +44, and Angels and Airwaves. Following Travis' near-death plane crash in 2008, the band made an announcement to get back together at the 2009 Grammy's, and I completely lost it.

blink for haiti

They did a reunion tour in 2009 which I happily attended, but there wasn't much press or follow-up regarding any upcoming album releases. They announced a 2011 tour, I purchased tickets in the presale, and this past week they announced a release date for their upcoming album Neighborhoods. I have waited patiently over the course of eight years for this, and finally, it's all happening!!

blink shirt

shirt: blink-182, 2009 tour / sweatshirt: american apparel / shorts: gap / shoes: converse 

This past Saturday, Blink-182 stopped through Chicago and my little brother and I donned our best Blink attire for the show. I reached for my 2009 tour shirt, and he went with the Blink-182 for Haiti tee. We looked fabulous, and naturally, we knew every word to every song. It was the perfect evening.

And now, the countdown begins until September 26 when Neighborhoods hits the stores and my stereo!

19 August 2011


Last Monday I met up with a few gal friends at The Music Box Theater to see Miranda July's The Future, and damn was it good. MJ has gotten a lot of press about this movie, some of which has been less than complimentary. It seems as though she has been lumped into the twee and indiexcore of film making, and after the acclaim that Me and You and Everyone We Know recieved, it seemed inevitable that critics and filmgoers alike would have impossibly high expectations.

I read every article, every blog, and every review I possibly could before seeing this movie which prepped me emotionally, if you will. A lot of reviewers were turned off by how serious this film was, excpecting something light, humorous, and full of the kind of whimsy that we associate with July's films. But as an avid supporter of her work, I was excited for July to take her film making, directing, writing, and acting in a completely different direction.

What I loved about this movie were the subtle differences and choices that July made in relation to Me and You and Everyone We Know. I know, as a critic, doing the good 'ol fashioned compare and contrast is a total copout - but seriosuly, after giving this movie a week of marinating in my analytic brain, I found some really interesting connections.

1) The Bildungsroman ie Coming of Age Story - Where Me and You and Everyone We Know was a coming of age story from the perspective of an aspiring artist, a separated single parent, a teenage boy, and a young child - The Future was also a coming of age story. A couple finds an injured stray cat, lovingly named Paw Paw.  They bring it to the vet, and then decide to keep him, knowing that he probably won't live very long. They go to get Paw Paw, and the vet tells them it needs to stay for a month - but following the wait, the cat could probably live for 5 years plus. This deadline of five years jolts the couple into asking questions such as "Where am I now?" and "Who will I be in five years?" - with an especially poignant line in which Jason, played by Hamish Linklater says, "I thought I'd be smarter".

Jason and Sophie then embark upon an exciting and nearly impossible goal to get out of their mid-thirties malaise and achieve endless goals over the course of the next month until they pick up Paw Paw, whose voice is played by July. Sophie and Jason quit their jobs. Sophie chooses to try to choreograph 30 dances in 30 days, Jason tried to save the planet, canvasing with the message the the world can be made better one tree at a time. Over the journey of the film, Sophie and Jason discover things about themselves and their future finding that their expectations and goals have not been met in fulfilling or satisfying ways. This Bildungsroman is a sadder one than that of the precurser film, but important nonetheless.

2) The Moon - Where Me and You and Everyone We Know is very much about the Sun and daytime, this film focuses centrally on the Moon and nighttime. The moon in fact plays a central character for a portion of the film, offering wisdom and solidarity to Jason in a time of need.

3) The Colors - Me You and Everyone We Know features bright bubblegummy neons that are so sweet you can almost taste them - total and complete eyecandy. July made a conscious effort to pick a completely different color palette for this film, picking rich ochres and jewel tones. The previous movie is light and hot, whereas this one is dark and cool. Interesting how something as simple as color can be so effective at setting up a mood for an entire film. Fun fact: Miranda July picked out the palette for The Future by laying out a set of pens from the Muji store and picking out the colors she was drawn to. Read about it here.
from Me and You and Everyone We Know
Picking out colors for The Future
The Future is currently screening at The Music Box Theater and will be opening at locations today all over the country. If you want to see a serious, thoughtful, and beautifully made film, I urge you to check this one out. I might even try to see it a second time while it's still playing on the big screen.

16 August 2011

Vintage, Floral, & Patterns - Oh My!

I am so into this knotted shirt trend, it's not even funny. As a small gal, I'm always interested in finding creative and stylish ways to make my clothes fit my small frame. This is the third time I've knotted a top in the last week, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!! The skirt I snagged at an end-of-spring-sale at Anthropologie, and I have honestly had a really difficult time styling it. Such a loud shade of red AND a pattern - but I embraced the pattern-on-pattern trend that has also been surfacing, and I think this looks pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself.

vintage floral
shirt: vintage / skirt: anthropologie / shoes: h&m / bow: moriah's clothing swap / 
bracelets: bat mitzvah, flea market, india
IMG_2140 copy

Hope you're all having a happy Tuesday, I'm hoping to get a whole bunch of posts out this week, so keep checking back here for more.

11 August 2011

Angels and Airwaves "LOVE"

Last night my little brother and I donned our Blink-182 attire to attend the one-night-only premiere and screening of the Angels and Airwaves movie LOVE. A film inspired by the grand theme of love, which started out with an LP of music about humanity, companionship, and the way relationships have been impacted by the growth of technology. The music then morphed into music videos and vignettes, which then turned into a movie that was five years in the making. Tom Delonge might be crazy, but he likes to dream big and has a seriously supportive community of hard working creative minds backing his somewhat whimsical and gigantic ideas.
As I watched this movie, I was reminded of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey because it was clearly a huge inspiration for the director and filmmaker. The story told is that of two men, one who was the soul survivor of a southern Civil War infantry, and the other who was the soul survivor of a grander scheme alone on a space station for an indefinite amount of time. Note: Angels and Airwaves have a song titled "Soul Survivor", and blips from the song are mixed into the soundscape of the movie. The two stories collide in a really basic way that gravitates towards the richer aspects of human experience, and though they exist during completely different time and space, it all seems to make sense.

In addition to it being an interesting and enriching story, the movie laid on the shoulders of one actor whose performance was enough to carry the entire film. And then there's the grand scale of the sets which included an orbiting space station, that was built over the course of two years in the driveway of the director's parents house, and a Civil War battle scene which was constructed in six months in the ranch backyard of the director's parents property - all with the meager budget of $500,000. This film took five years to make and is a testament to following one's dreams and working really hard to achieve them. Plus, I really enjoyed the soundtrack.

After the film screening, AvA played a set of three songs to a live audience in Boston that was streamed to nearly 500 theaters across the country. Following the musical performance was a goofy and informal Q&A session with Tom, the director, and the star. Basically, my evening was strange and cool and awesome.

Now I know you're all wondering after my glowing review, where and when can I see this movie?! Sadly, you're going to have to wait until 11/11/11 to see this film, but it will be worth it because AvA is releasing LOVE alongside Love pt I and Love pt II, a double CD and movie set. It's gonna be epic.

The Wooden Nickel in North Judson, Indiana

IMG_1844 copy
IMG_1846 copy
This post is tied to the initial entry I wrote about my experience at Outstanding in the Field last week. The post about the actual meal  is coming soon, but I thought I'd offer up some eye candy in the meantime. One thing I adore about small towns such as North Judson, Indiana is the integrity of the main street. This one was particularly tiny, but all of the buildings were original with many of their fixtures intact. I especially love painted brick advertising which Chicago has hidden pockets of - so naturally I had to make a stop by the Wooden Nickel for a photo or two.

10 August 2011


My apologies for the relative blogging silence, I took a spur of the moment trip this weekend and I am gearing up for another weekend getaway this coming Friday, so things have been a bit scattered over here. 

Some news to offer up is that I've officially moved over the the iPhone and I couldn't be happier! I'd been using a Droid for the last year and the operating system just couldn't seem to keep up with my usage. It's such a relief to be working on a well designed and efficient device. I purchased this skin made out of thinly cut repurposed wood for my phone, which I named Melody Day. And I am doing everything in my power to not drop it.

Have you made any big purchases lately?

skin via Recover
iPhone via Apple

04 August 2011



"A Handy Tip For The Easily Distracted"

The lovely Kelsey of Laundry Magazine shared this outtake from the upcoming Miranda July film "The Future", and though this didn't make the cut for the final product, it serves as a wonderful and strange lesson to those of us with giant to-do lists and the endless things distracting us. Interestingly enough, I see Kelsey as one of the most productive and successful young woman in Chicago today, having launched her own magazine and line of chic and stylish bridal wear all by the age of 23. This girl is an inspiration, and my own local Miranda. You got it girl!

03 August 2011

Outstanding In The Field Part I

On Monday night my mom and I left work early and drove 90 miles to North Judson, Indiana to attend a much anticipated Outstanding In The Field expertly prepared by local chef, Bill Kim - owner of Urban Belly and the Belly Shack in Chicago.

Outstanding In The Field is one of those once in a lifetime meals that happens out on a farm far away from the city, where produce is sourced on site, and the entire meal is composed of products created locally and sustainably. The idea behind the dinner is that it puts the chef and the farmer directly in touch with the consumer to create an outstanding and educational as well as life-changing meal. The dinner was served in four courses at a long white table in a wooded area of the farm.

As I got ready to leave for dinner Monday afternoon, I racked my brain with the question, what should I wear? I knew it was going to be hot, I knew there were going to be bugs, and I knew there was going to be some walking. I kept it simple with a little jersey dress, my new clogs, and really bold yet paired down accessories. Though I walked away with an inappropriate amount of bug bites, the meal was perfect down to every last bite, and I looked fabulous!

green grass1
green grass 3

dress: j.crew / clogs: h&m / bracelets: india, spain, mexico, lara miller / earrings: world market

Come back to Edie and Andy soon for a full post on the meal including gorgeous photographs of the table and the various courses!