11 August 2011

Angels and Airwaves "LOVE"

Last night my little brother and I donned our Blink-182 attire to attend the one-night-only premiere and screening of the Angels and Airwaves movie LOVE. A film inspired by the grand theme of love, which started out with an LP of music about humanity, companionship, and the way relationships have been impacted by the growth of technology. The music then morphed into music videos and vignettes, which then turned into a movie that was five years in the making. Tom Delonge might be crazy, but he likes to dream big and has a seriously supportive community of hard working creative minds backing his somewhat whimsical and gigantic ideas.
As I watched this movie, I was reminded of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey because it was clearly a huge inspiration for the director and filmmaker. The story told is that of two men, one who was the soul survivor of a southern Civil War infantry, and the other who was the soul survivor of a grander scheme alone on a space station for an indefinite amount of time. Note: Angels and Airwaves have a song titled "Soul Survivor", and blips from the song are mixed into the soundscape of the movie. The two stories collide in a really basic way that gravitates towards the richer aspects of human experience, and though they exist during completely different time and space, it all seems to make sense.

In addition to it being an interesting and enriching story, the movie laid on the shoulders of one actor whose performance was enough to carry the entire film. And then there's the grand scale of the sets which included an orbiting space station, that was built over the course of two years in the driveway of the director's parents house, and a Civil War battle scene which was constructed in six months in the ranch backyard of the director's parents property - all with the meager budget of $500,000. This film took five years to make and is a testament to following one's dreams and working really hard to achieve them. Plus, I really enjoyed the soundtrack.

After the film screening, AvA played a set of three songs to a live audience in Boston that was streamed to nearly 500 theaters across the country. Following the musical performance was a goofy and informal Q&A session with Tom, the director, and the star. Basically, my evening was strange and cool and awesome.

Now I know you're all wondering after my glowing review, where and when can I see this movie?! Sadly, you're going to have to wait until 11/11/11 to see this film, but it will be worth it because AvA is releasing LOVE alongside Love pt I and Love pt II, a double CD and movie set. It's gonna be epic.

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