29 September 2011

My Seattle Haunt: Pike Place Market

Hello all, I'm Sandy Caribou from Edie and Andy. Carolyn asked me so kindly to write a post in lieu of her absence from Quidquid Eris, so here we are. I've known Carolyn for five years now, and when brainstorming content for this post, I kept consistently drawing a blank. Should I do a post on fashion? Or maybe neoclassical art and architecture, combining her love of Classics and my love of art history? Upon reflection, I came to the conclusion that though Carolyn is going to be away from home for a week, her home in Seattle is one of personal favorite places to visit, so why not write a post about Seattle?

I've only been to Seattle a handful of times, but something about the fresh air, the clouds, and the skyline keep bringing me back. On my list of things to do are always eat fresh produce, nosh on some local seafood, visit one of the many amazing museums, dip my feet in the ocean, grab a burger at Dick's, peruse the racks at one of the amazing record stores, and always, without fail, visit the Pike Place Market.

The first time I visited Pike Place Market, I must've been in 4th grade, but something about the chilling breezes of sea air blowing across the bay, and finding shelter among the warm aisles of produce and fish made me feel completely at home. Let me explain, I LOVE MARKETS. I love talking to the seller, touching and smelling everything, the artful arrangement of goods, and the free samples galore. Not only are markets eye candy, they're mouth and tummy candy - ie the best kind of candy. So it comes as no surprise that on my last visit to Seattle, I made the required trip to Pike Place for food, fun, and fresh cut flowers.

IMG_5047 copy
IMG_5039 copy
IMG_5065 copy
PikePlace_4IMG_5063 copy
IMG_5066 copy

In short, if you are ever in the Seattle area, I urge you to visit this magical place. Taste the local produce, if you're up to it try the fish and get your photograph taken with the fish throwers, stop in for chowder at Ivar's, and always stop to smell the flowers. 

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