23 October 2011

polka dots and chocolate brown

This weekend has been pretty busy. Between attending the Grow Here Workshop, attending Modern Vintage Chicago, and visiting the apartment we are moving into, I am completely exhausted! This outfit was totally comfy and more importantly looks effortless. I'm really pumped that polka dots are back "in". Not that they were ever out in my wardrobe. Anyone else pumped for trends this fall??
  brown and polka dots
dress: f21 / sweater: zara / tights: target / loafers: thrifted

21 October 2011


Thank you to everyone who commented and entered the giveaway for the free passes to Modern Vintage Chicago. I used a random number generator to pick from the entries of the folks who live in Chicago, and Maya was the lucky winner!

Hope you find something awesome for our apartment!! See you there!!

18 October 2011



My cousin Isabelle Davis is part of the amazing radio station BBOX Radio in Brooklyn, New York. Today is the final day to make a pledge to BBOX Radio's Kickstarter campaign to get the radio station off the ground. This crew has been working incredibly hard to realize this project, from the seedling idea that music, radio, and community are intertwined, to submitting a proposal to the Not Just A Box Competition, and winning the chance to turn an old shipping container into the site for their new radio station.

This is an innovative and creative idea, adding not only to the New York community, but to the worldwide music community - as it offers internet based musical programming. The Not Just A Box Competition helped to lay the foundation for the project, and now it's time for our support to help BBOX Radio to keep their momentum. As of today, BBOX Radio is just $2,000 shy of their goal. Let's make this happen! I made my pledge, you should too!

Modern Vintage Chicago GIVEAWAY

Good morning friends,

I'm excited to announce that I'm hosting my first giveaway over here on Edie and Andy! I've teamed up with the folks over at Randolph Street Market to give one lucky reader two tickets to this coming weekend's installment of Modern Vintage Chicago over at the Plumbers Hall on Washington. I've had the pleasure to attend both the indoor and outdoor version of this monthly sale, and it's honestly one of my favorite things to do in Chicago. Grab a friend, a cup of coffee, and come peruse the wares - everything from costume jewelry, vintage appliances, modern furniture, and amazing deals on various styles of clothing.

I'm going to be there Sunday afternoon with my camera in hand and my eyes peeled for some knick knacks for my apartment. Come on down to say hi.
To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment with your name, email address, and a description of something you'd like to find at a flea market/thrift store/vintage bazaar! I know I am always looking for a steal on Bakelite jewelry, vintage kitchen goods, leather loafers, and taxidermied animals. I will announce the winner on Friday afternoon. GOOD LUCK! 

14 October 2011

Need to work on your DIY Halloween Costume??

Did you just look at your calendar and get the chills realizing that Halloween is TWO WEEKS FROM MONDAY?? If the thought of this gives you the heebie jeebies, then come on down to Roxaboxen Exhibitions this Sunday between 7 and 10 PM. Stitchy Chicago is going to be hosting a costume making open house for all those interested in creating their scary digs for All Hallow's Eve. Artists, makers, and creative people will be on site to help you out and cheer you on as you work on your costume! Bring an open mind, some ideas, and a willingness to want to have an awesome evening.

flyer for stitchy chicago executed by Kristi O'Meara

Following the costume making sesh will be a photoshoot of homemade costumes at The Plaines Project on Sunday October 23 from 4 - 8  PM. Bring your costume and come strike a pose!

13 October 2011

it's a shirt, it's a skirt

Yesterday I worked a new look, and damn, can I just say that occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone is totally worth it!! For starters, let me inform you that the skirt I am wearing in my photograph is actually just an extra large men's shirt. It is not sewn. It is simply buttoned and tied, and voila! A completely new and adorable staple in my ever expanding closet. I saw this and this over at one of my current favorite fashion blogs, PANGCAKES, and after she posted a video tutorial, I knew I had to try it for myself.

After visiting "the apartment" this weekend, Kathy and I hopped over to a neighborhood thrift store where I picked up three very different and very large men's shirts.After watching the tutorial video several times, I nailed down a voluminousness bow and cascade that I fell in love with. Making this skirt is super easy and fun! There is no right or wrong way to wear it. And above all, play with it and work it.

top: loehmann's / shirt/skirt: village thrift / let's make out necklace: need supply co / 
bracelets: tiffany and co, john hardy, gift

I received a handful of compliments throughout the day. People could not believe that I "made it myself". Ladies, if you want to try something new, try this! The shirt was less than a dollar which in retrospect is a small price to pay to feel like a million bucks :)


This coming Monday October 17, there is going to be a free sneak preview of the upcoming film Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life over at the Music Box Theater. If you are available at 7 PM Monday evening, RSVP for this event!! I saw a preview for this film the last time I was at the Music Box, and have been eagerly anticipating its arrival to the big screen!

"Inventive and artful, this surreal-tinged film about French-pop legend Serge Gainsbourg explores the inner demons of the late, great singer. After boyhood experiences of World War II anti-Semitism and being told he is "too ugly" to hold a girl's hand, we watch him develop into both a talent and a lothario. Despite his acclaim, and seduction of beauties like Brigitte Bardot, he remains plagued by his alter-ego, a virtual devil whispering in his ear about his inadequacies. Star Eric Elmosnino won the Cesar (the French equivalent of the Academy Award) for his turn as the louche pop icon. This original episodic film is not a straight-forward biopic, but instead captures the spirit of Gainsbourg as he creates, beds, and boozes." - Karen E. Baker, Flavorpill

12 October 2011


Today is Art Clokey's 90th birthday!! He is the creator of Gumby, and one of my favorite artists working in the clay medium. He experimented in stop-animation, and paved the way for claymation as we know it. He had such a positive message in his works based on true virtue and altruistic values, which he brought to the storylines of Gumby and to those watching the shows.

Check out Gumbasia, the short film he made in art school that anticipated the creation of everyone's favorite clay dude, Gumby.


Yes, that's right, Daniel Clowes in person! The author and screenwriter behind the incredible graphic novel turned motion picture Ghost World is going to be giving a talk at the historic Unity Temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The event is in conjunction with the release of Clowes' latest book "The Death-Ray" and will also feature the cartoonist Seth (Gregory Gallant) and his newest release "The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists".

image via goodreads

I had the pleasure to attend an event similar to this featuring Chris Ware and Charles Burns last year, and it was really cool. They each gave really funny laid back slideshow presentations explaining their work, and their approach to composing and writing graphic novels. They spoke candidly and openly about the difficulties of the medium and the challenges that writing a visually based book can have. Following the talk was an open Q&A session for even the geekiest of comic book and graphic novel fans to sort out their internal curiosities. If you are free tomorrow night and want to go to an amazing event in an even more amazing architectural space, check this out!

The event is only $10, and begins at 7 pm! Plus, your ticket stub can be redeemed for $10 off either of the books by Seth and Clowes.

information for this event via flavorpill chicago

11 October 2011


Attention all bloggers from the Chicagoland Area:

Kelsey of LaundryMagazine and Annie Jane Bridal has helped to organize as well as moderate the upcoming Grow Here Workshop at Block 37. If you're interested in fashion, design, promoting and supporting small and local businesses, blogging, and meeting cool, interesting, inspirational, talented people, then this event is for you! It's happening October 22 from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm with a handful of amazing speakers from all different backgrounds and communities. AND thanks to the added support from their sponsors, the general admission price for the entire day was just lowered to $85.

For more information, feel free to visit the Grow Here Workshop Facebook page.

lazy sunday / mani-pedi

Tp help pass the time until I see Spencer again, I've been giving myself weekly mani-pedis, of which he picks the colors. This past Sunday I worked on this fabulous set while skyping him as he told me "yo mamma" jokes. It was a really wonderful and slightly productive way to spend my time.


 For more manicure and pedicure inspiration, stop by my other blog My Nailz.

09 October 2011

Oggi e bene, perche c'e sole!

My Italian professor in Florence had a saying she taught us, oggi e bene, perche c'e sole, today is good because there is sun. And hallelujah, ain't that the truth? We have had the most perfect week of fall weather here in the Windy City, and everyday feels like a little holiday. Seriously, thank you Chicago, Indian summer, and sunshine. You have been unbelievably wonderful to us! And oh my goodness do the trees look gorgeous right now!!

I would be lying if I told you that I haven't been wearing this outfit both days of the weekend. I love how easy it is, but also how I can look put together with a quick application of lipstick and mascara. Done and done.

In this outfit I have:
1) cooked a giant pot of pea and potato curry
2) went to a friend of the family's house for a giant Jewish meal
3) had brunch in Logan Square at Lula Cafe
4) visited an apartment that I "*loved*
5) gone thrifting
6) walked through the Chicago Marathon crowd

Basically, I want to live in what I'm wearing. My apologies if I'm starting to smell funky.


casual sunday jeans: gap / top: j.crew / necklace: falsi gioielli / shoes: h&m / hat: randolph street market

08 October 2011

darling plaid

Lately I've been wearing this chambray dress I snagged from the Darling Vintage etsy shop, and I love the sort of school girl feeling I get when I'm wearing it. I don't know if it's the back-to-school weather, or the fact that it looks good with every single button up, cardigan, tights, shoes combination I can think of - but this dress is just one of those go-to basics that I am currently gravitating towards.

I went to see Jens Lekman on Monday, and wound up biting the bullet and wearing SOCKS WITH CLOGS, it just felt like the most Swedish thing to do. And since I did it, I've worked the clogs and socks/ clogs and tights look multiple times this week. Just because it's the end of summer doesn't mean I have to stop wearing them. I LOVE THEM.


dress: darling vintage / shirt: zara / tights: target / clogs: h&m

07 October 2011

My new beau

Hello blog friends! Just thought I'd drop in with a quick life update!

For those of you who don't follow my twitter or know me IRL, I have a new beau! I want you all to meet Spencer!! He is super awesome. Let's just say that he makes me laugh, admitted to going through a serious Austin Powers phase, gets along really well with my cats, wore a tee-shirt that had SANDY printed on it when we met, has glasses that are cooler than mine, and prefers Betty to Veronica (as do I). He lives in LA, and though he is super far away, we're doing a really good job at making this work. I really like him!!

I look forward to sharing all the happy things we do with you over here on the blog. YAY!

PS he is 6'2" and I am 4'11" so even when he's in town, it's still a long distance relationship :)

spencer1 spencer 2

02 October 2011

Guest blogging on Quidquid Eris

Hello followers! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm guest blogging over at one of my favorite blogs this weekend! The amazing Carolyn of Quidquid Eris (one of my favorite blogs!!) kindly asked me to fill in for her while she is in Minnesota attending a wedding!

Carolyn lives in Seattle, so naturally I wound up writing an entry about one of my favorite Seattle haunts! Check it out right here!