12 October 2011


Yes, that's right, Daniel Clowes in person! The author and screenwriter behind the incredible graphic novel turned motion picture Ghost World is going to be giving a talk at the historic Unity Temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The event is in conjunction with the release of Clowes' latest book "The Death-Ray" and will also feature the cartoonist Seth (Gregory Gallant) and his newest release "The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists".

image via goodreads

I had the pleasure to attend an event similar to this featuring Chris Ware and Charles Burns last year, and it was really cool. They each gave really funny laid back slideshow presentations explaining their work, and their approach to composing and writing graphic novels. They spoke candidly and openly about the difficulties of the medium and the challenges that writing a visually based book can have. Following the talk was an open Q&A session for even the geekiest of comic book and graphic novel fans to sort out their internal curiosities. If you are free tomorrow night and want to go to an amazing event in an even more amazing architectural space, check this out!

The event is only $10, and begins at 7 pm! Plus, your ticket stub can be redeemed for $10 off either of the books by Seth and Clowes.

information for this event via flavorpill chicago

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