14 October 2011

Need to work on your DIY Halloween Costume??

Did you just look at your calendar and get the chills realizing that Halloween is TWO WEEKS FROM MONDAY?? If the thought of this gives you the heebie jeebies, then come on down to Roxaboxen Exhibitions this Sunday between 7 and 10 PM. Stitchy Chicago is going to be hosting a costume making open house for all those interested in creating their scary digs for All Hallow's Eve. Artists, makers, and creative people will be on site to help you out and cheer you on as you work on your costume! Bring an open mind, some ideas, and a willingness to want to have an awesome evening.

flyer for stitchy chicago executed by Kristi O'Meara

Following the costume making sesh will be a photoshoot of homemade costumes at The Plaines Project on Sunday October 23 from 4 - 8  PM. Bring your costume and come strike a pose!

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  1. I love Halloween and am actively at work on a costume. I tried out a cupcake costume a little while ago on my blog, but that isn't my final choice.

    I'm a big fan of independent films, so Miranda July popped up on my radar there with "Me And You And Everyone We Know." I enjoy her artistic sensibility and plan to see "The Future" as soon as I can. Have you seen that? Did you like it?

    MJ Trivia: Do you know her real last name?