09 October 2011

Oggi e bene, perche c'e sole!

My Italian professor in Florence had a saying she taught us, oggi e bene, perche c'e sole, today is good because there is sun. And hallelujah, ain't that the truth? We have had the most perfect week of fall weather here in the Windy City, and everyday feels like a little holiday. Seriously, thank you Chicago, Indian summer, and sunshine. You have been unbelievably wonderful to us! And oh my goodness do the trees look gorgeous right now!!

I would be lying if I told you that I haven't been wearing this outfit both days of the weekend. I love how easy it is, but also how I can look put together with a quick application of lipstick and mascara. Done and done.

In this outfit I have:
1) cooked a giant pot of pea and potato curry
2) went to a friend of the family's house for a giant Jewish meal
3) had brunch in Logan Square at Lula Cafe
4) visited an apartment that I "*loved*
5) gone thrifting
6) walked through the Chicago Marathon crowd

Basically, I want to live in what I'm wearing. My apologies if I'm starting to smell funky.


casual sunday jeans: gap / top: j.crew / necklace: falsi gioielli / shoes: h&m / hat: randolph street market


  1. Lovely outfit! We're getting spoiled with this weather, that's for sure :)

  2. Love this!! So cute, and perfect for fall. :)