07 November 2011

sleep tight

The apartment is coming along nicely. Both Maya and Kathy had the foresight to get beds before our lease was finalized. Supertious and ever-busy me did not want to get a bed until everything was in place, so I've been spending the last week bed hunting. Our rooms are, dare I say, comically small - mine is 85" x 98" - basically a box! But we all know the standard full bed is 72" x 54", which according to geometry can be squeezed into my itty bitty room - and if there's a will, there's a way.

After doing some extensive bed frame research, I opted for the twin/full bed frame from Crate and Barrel. My current bed is a full frame from CB2, and I adore it - though it appears that CB2 no longer sells full beds. Working with a tiny space, I realized that fanciful additions like a headboard or decorative frame simply aren't an option. What's great about this bed is that it's adjustable, and sleak. Also, a  few different decorative headboards from CB can be added on should I want to do that when I'm in a bigger space. Cool right? I'm into it.

Since the frame was really reasonably priced, and my mom offered to pitch in for my mattress, I decided to go all or nothing. These things are a 10-year investment, and I know I am the kind of person who truly values the meaning of being well rested. We popped into our neighborhood Back to Bed, and after laying on a bunch of mattresses, I went for a Simmons Beautyrest with a pillow top.

Not only is this matress incredibly comfy and supportive, it's also the mattress used in the beds at The Wit Hotel. So basically, I plan on getting the kind of sleep that people get when they are on vacation AND staying at a really glamorous hotel.

I'm now taking reservations for visitors, let me know when you plan on stopping by. :)

My frame arrives Wednesday, my bed arrives Saturday - and in the meantime I'm doing some serious closet cleaning and organization to get myself mentally and physically prepared for my move. We made our first major trip to Ikea this past weekend, and did our fair share of stocking up. I am having such a blast with this move! MORE TO COME SOON!


  1. I've had a Beautyrest for 8 years, love it. I think spending money on a good bed is well worth it because who wants a bad nights sleep.

  2. I think one of the factor that I'm having trouble sleeping is because of my mattress. I think I need a new one.