27 December 2011

holiday cheer

dress: j.crew / belt: thrifted / bracelet: tiffany & co. / headband: diy /necklace: gift / boots: eska

This is what I wore to a Chanukah dinner before heading to the airport to pick up Spencer. I made the floral headband myself, with a bit of hot glue and fake flowers - naturally while watching Julie and Julia in front of my tiny tv. The headband was inspired entirely by the Style Rookie. This girl has more style in her pinky nail than I do in my entire 23-year-old self!

In other news, Spencer and I are having a blast thus far, just running around the city, eating delicious food, and sleeping in. Hope you all had a lovely holiday, I know I'm enjoying myself! And NYE is so close! I can't wait to bust out my sequin dress!

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