21 January 2012

2012 Goals


cook my way through a cook book
eat all of the food i buy // consume less
read one book per month
drink more water
get into a yoga routine
start painting again
go to synagogue once a month
slow down // lower stress levels
eat out less
see a movie once a month
tackle small tasks immediately rather than procrastinate

write one film review per month
write one restaurant review per month
post one recipe per month
post one outfit post per week
guestblog for other bloggers
host guest bloggers on edie and andy
increase readership
make business cards

visit family in california
visit greta in boston
visit adam in iowa city
visit lexie and kelly in galesburg
visit friends in nyc
visit friends in kcmo
take a trip with spencer
visit a state i have never been to

write more letters
send more care packages
continue round robin with kappas

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