23 January 2012


For New Years Eve, the ladies of the Holiday Inn graciously hosted a party in our new digs. It was the first time we had a large gathering of guests, and my first time throwing a bash in my adult apartment! Naturally, I went overboard with food-prep and last minute shopping, but am glad to say I only had one major meltdown before the countdown. All in all, it was a great night. Thanks to the folks who dropped by to ring in the new year with us!!
the spread: ikea meatballs, spinach dip, booze, roasted zucchini dip,
tortilla chips, bacon wrapped dates, bruschetta, brownies

R1-01174-009A Waka Waka in the living room

R1-01174-005A Maya, the hostess with the mostess!!
R1-01174-003A Rachel, Ben, Matt, and some random photobombing dude
R1-01174-013A Spencer and Rohan killing it at DIY Karaoke in the living room.
R1-01174-007AClare, Lynnette of make-space, and Meghan
R1-01174-011A Ben and Rachel
R1-01174-004AR1-01174-010ADe Soto Bros in fine form
R1-01174-002AMoriah of Moriah's Midwest documenting the party
R1-01174-006AThe Royal Couple

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