13 January 2012

what is a week-end??

Finally caught up with pop-culture, twitter, AND tumblr and started to watch Downton Abbey.

I don't regret this decision for the following reasons: 1) Titanic; 2) Sexual Tension; 3) British Accents; 4) Maggie Smith; 5) Textiles; 6) "Modesty"; 7) It's a fancy soap opera!; 8) The Laura Linney; intro 9)Mr. Bates, whom we refer to as "Masturbates"; 10) Banter from the servants

 I know what I will be doing this "week-end". Catching up on Downton Abbey!

1 comment :

  1. Oh man, I started wtching this over the Christmas day and suddenly one day I realised I had been watching Downton abbey for 12 hours straight. Loved it! It's such a soap opera haha