24 February 2012

Farewell Facebook

I recently made the decision to deactivate my Facebook account. I sent the following email to all of the family and friends whose contact information I have on file.

I've been thinking about leaving Facebook for a while and for a number of reasons. I'm not using it in a way that is productive. I find that I spend hours and hours going through photographs and pages of people I hardly know, becoming overwhelmed with emotions including regret, jealously, remorse, and sadness. I wonder if I'm living up to my potential, if I'm supposed to be engaged, or working a different job, calling into question my own happiness and very existence. I know, right? Facebook was making me have a partial identity crisis in addition to being a giant waste-of-time.

That said, I'm keeping the blog and the Twitter up and running. I'm hoping that my time on the Internet will decrease, and that I will start to become a more active person. I'd like to grow as a photographer, learn to cook new things, and begin to think about some serious long-term goals for myself. I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me, and I hope that all of my friends and readers will continue to follow me and show the tremendous support that they have in the past! xoxo

1 comment :

  1. Good for you! I especially liked your line about reaching out and and taking the time to have conversations. I left Facebook a couple months ago and I have not regretted the decision.