16 February 2012

Knox Turns 175 and Dinner at Belly Shack

My dear Alma Mater Knox College turned 175 yesterday, and to celebrate, I donned an outfit of purple and gold. I also had lunch with Ben who graduated from Knox with me, and we went to an alumni event after work at the Green Eye in Logan Square. Though I didn't quite have the right energy level for the alumni event, it was great to run into other alumni from our graduating class, as well as meet some new people. I've come to the conclusion that no matter what, any conversation can be turned into a conversation about Downton Abbey.
Purple and Gold for Knox
button-up: darling vintage // corduroys: levi's // flats: salvation army // watch: swatch 

After Shirley Temples and lots of small talk, a group of us headed next door to Belly Shack. Belly Shack is Bill Kim's second restaurant - and given my supreme and undying love of Urban Belly, it's a shock that I still hadn't stopped in to try some of the street food inspired dishes. I ordered the hot dog, which was delicious. He didn't really reinvent the wheel with this, but the sausage was delicious, and the flavor profile worked. It was topped with crunchy fried ramen, fresh and garlicky kimchi, and a homemade asian inspired ketchup/mustard combination. The fries had fresh herbs, and a yummy Asian-inspired creamy dipping sauce that I couldn't get enough of. Dinner at Belly Shack Nights like last night remind me that I live in a really amazing city, full of great people and really solid restaurants. I'm lucky to live in a place where so many Knox College alumni live - our network has a great home-base here in Chicago. And I live walking distance from so many great restaurants like Belly Shack. There's nothing like a good meal and good people to remind me of how darn lucky I am to be here!!

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  1. I live superduper close to Belly Shack!! It always smells amazing, but I've never tried it. It looks mega delicious.

    P.S. Cute outfit! I love the button up!