10 February 2012

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie DATE NIGHT


Tonight was nothing short of perfect. Spencer met me at work, we took the train up to the Landmark to pick up our movie tickets, and then headed over to Reckless Records where we simultaneously waited in line AND shopped for records. I picked up the Washed Out EP on vinyl, and Il Postino, Happenstance, and The Godfather on VHS. He waited in line, and geeked out over getting to meet his heros. After the meet & greet, we went back to the theater, settled into our seats and munched on popcorn while laughing and cringing at the show. There was an hour long Q&A, which is the longest Q&A I have ever been too - they seriously answered every question, and then some. But it was really fun, and the place was full of dudes in plaid who had a lot of very weird and specific questions. We finished up the night over at the Boiler Room, over giant slices of pepperoni prizza. It was fabulous.

I'm proud to say that I just took "dinner and a movie" to a new level - and it felt great to see how truly happy Spencer was. Here's to more perfect nights like this!

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