19 March 2012

24th Birthday Wish List

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It's hard to believe that I'm turning 24 in less than a month! I have never been this disciplined as far as tracking my wish list... or this lusty. In addition to some things that might be practical, useful, or perfect for me, I've also included a beautiful Hudson Bay blanket and Andy Warhol's Double Elvis heading to the action block in May for a meager $50 million. If you're gonna dream, you might as well dream big, right?


  1. i won a hudson bay scarf off of a blog giveaway and i <333 it! perhaps one of these gifties will end up in your mailbox... :-) xoxo

    1. I hope the $50 million Warhol ends up in my mailbox!!

  2. I love Hudson Bay blankets!!


    I really want to invest the time into following this pattern and knitting a blanket based on the Hudson. Maybe if I start now I will actually finish it before winter hits...

    (and f.y.i. if you are interested in knitting one too, scroll down and look at the comments on the pattern. they suggest a couple other yarns to use that are still nice but much less expensive than the one that the pattern says to use. if you used the yarn it originally calls for the yarn by itself would be close to $300! Might as well invest in an original Hudson for that kinda cash)

    1. Kathryn,

      Knitting my own blanket is on my bucket list!!! I am just not sure how much discipline I have.... but omg what an amazing pay off! A blanket to keep you warm for years and years and years. Thanks for sharing the pattern!