21 March 2012

California Grub

Green bagels and coffee!
green bagels and coffee
my favorite routine: breakfast and the new yorker
blanching asparagus for risotto
Our change was 69 cents :-p
In N Out Burger with french fries animal style
photo (2)
my new favorite fruit!
Drinking coffee, reading the New Yorking, wearing a NASCAR shirt, listening to country music.
locally brewed coffee from the pannikin and an almond croissant
photo (1)
kumamoto oysters

When asked what my "agenda" was for my trip to California, naturally, the only word that came out of my mouth was "eat". Over the years of traveling to and from Southern California, I've grown to love and crave certain foods that I can only get there, especially In N Out Burger. I was heartbroken to discover that my favorite sandwich shop Soluntos closed months ago, but glad to say I did not go hungry. Between eating my weight in green bagels, and devouring as much fresh produce as possible, I think I did good. I even got some cooking in, having the chance to make my new favorite asparagus and green pea risotto for my family!! It was a hit!


  1. Please post the recipte for green pea risotto with asparagus- sounds outrageous!

    1. I used Wolfgang Puck's recipe. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/recipe/wolfgang-pucks-vegetable-risotto-14812530

      I don't do the fancy business blending the spinach and cooked asparagus. I just blanch the asparagus, cook up the risotto, and add peas, asparagus, and cheese right in at the end. If you can't find shallots, use half of a yellow onion. It's delicious! And if you have it, use homemade chicken or vegetable broth!!