01 March 2012

March Madness

March is here, and I can hardly believe it! February went by with an unexpected speed, and here we are, just weeks away from spring, and almost a month away from my birthday!! As a more positive way of approaching the start to the month I've decided to do a post on Edie and Andy about things I'm looking forward to. I know March has just arrived, but I already have some great things on my roster.

1) Saint Motel at the Hideout
Spencer's brother Aaron is in the band Saint Motel, and they will be playing a show at the Hideout on March 8th. See the nifty flier that Spencer made below for details!

2) Magnetic Fields at the Vic Theater
The band Magnetic Fields are playing a show at the Vic on March 26, and their merch girl is Emma Straub, a talented budding young author who wrote one of my favorite books of 2011, Other People We Married. I'm excited to see a band live that I've never seen live before, as well as have Emma sign my book!

3) Special screening of The Room with live appearance from Tommy Wiseau
On March 24 and 25, The Room will be screening at the Music Box Theater. I'm not the hugest fan of this weird cult film, but I think seeing Tommy Wiseau in person is an experience worth having.

4) California
I'm going to California for a long weekend to visit family, stick my feet in the ocean, and eat In 'n Out burger. Even though this vacation is going to be short, I am unbelievably excited! I haven't been to the San Diego region in nearly TWO YEARS, which means I haven't seen a handful of family members in just as long. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!

5) The Randolph Street Market
The Randolph Street Market is up and running, and I'm stoked to hit the racks. It's going to be happening March 24 and 25.

6) Pie Day
Pie Day is March 14 (3.14). I'm meeting up with a friend on the 13th to try and learn to make a lemon meringue pie. But may wind up making blueberry as a back up...


  1. i am celebrating pi day with my class! the only time they have ever been excited about math!

    1. That is incredibly exciting! What are you going to do with them besides eat?

  2. HEY YOU! I'm going to be in Chicago for some of these things! Randolph Street Market meetup?
    [And I love the people on Spencer's flier!]