15 March 2012

My Muses

AIC Lexie and Kelsey Back in February, I had the pleasure of spending a glorious Saturday afternoon with two of my all-time-favorite ladies, Lexie and Kelsey. We wandered through the galleries at the Art Institute, and I did my very best at giving a tour, though I'm a bit rusty!! And occasionally, it's hard not to let my taste filter into the tour.

See my opinion on Surrealism: "Now we are in surrealism...my least favorite thing EVER!"

But that said, there's something really wonderful about the kinds of conversations that happen in a gallery, and my two guests were not to disappoint. Lexie is a Knox graduate like myself, currently working as a school teacher - and the kinds of questions she asks are unparalleled. I feel proud to be an ambassador of the arts to her classroom! Kelsey is an artist and designer who's commentary reminds me of my days spent in the studio. And our conversation didn't end the galleries! We went for coffee afterward and literally had to peel ourselves from the table because the chatting was just that good.

Like an artist with their muse, I am completely inspired by these ladies. They are strong, independent, intelligent, hard-working women, and I am proud of who they are! Not to mention, they are wonderful friends and incredibly stylish. Thanks for a wonderful day, girls!!

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