20 March 2012

New Specs!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my eye doctor over at Village Eyecare, for what was a much prolonged check-up. I'm not sure if it was my alliance to my current Modo specs, or my ever-present fear of the glaucoma test (I just HATE that puff of air blown into my eyes), but I'd been putting off my annual check-up for far too long. While I waited for my doctor, I was drawn into the amazing selection of eye wear. And after my appointment, I tried on upwards of 20 pairs with my frames consultant!! It was pretty tough to pick just one pair. But since I've opted out of contact lenses this year, I decided it's time for some new frames and a pair of prescription sunglasses to send me stylishly into the summer.

And now I anxiously await the arrival of my frames for 14 business days!! I promise I will take photos as soon as they arrive!


  1. Cute! I hate that air puff shit too, but my G-Pa had the glauc, so I gotta get it checked out.

  2. Ew, they also told me I have DRY EYES and I have to use eyedrops twice a day.


  3. i HAAAAATE the puff of air! they always have to do it three or four times because i always flinch!